Looking for a macOS menubar app for easily exporting pictures from the Photos app — I remember seeing something like this recently, but can’t find it. Pointers welcome!

Delivered my first undergraduate lecture in a couple of years. I think I presented the material (extragalactic astrophysics) ok, but consider it a triumph that I didn’t collapse in a chalk-dust induced coughing fit. (Nb. I really like writing on blackboards!)

Better than we feared. Not quite as well as we expected. Worse than we hoped.

I don’t have enough bourbon in the cupboard for a truly bad outcome tonight.

No, really, I voted, but in slow motion. Step 9 will be “On_, your ballot for the November 6 election was counted!”

I voted, by the weirdly antiquated combination of an early-2000s web page letting me fax a PDF of my ballot, in the last place I lived in the US. Which was, uselessly, Nancy Pelosi’s district. But still.

The Irish border problem isn’t actually solvable, right? #brexit

I have been coming to Paris pretty regularly over the last 30 years and I am always struck by the unique smell of the Metro.

Arrived in Paris for The Universe as a Quantum Lab with less than a couple of hours to go before my talk on a subject I don’t know much about.

We were listening to Bowie’s “Scary Monsters” with our three-year old and her first question on looking at the cover art was “Is that a boy or a girl?”, which I hope was an encouraging sign of her notions of gender fluidity (and then we played The Replacement’s “Androgynous”).