Planck launch, 10 years ago this week.

Commuting across London five days a week to nursery (day care) with my two girls, one in a buggy (stroller), another walking, is the most stressful thing I’ve ever done.

I just got my student tutorial evaluations, and scored very well, averaging somewhere between “agree” and “strongly agree” in all categories: good feedback, answers to questions, and preparation. Unfortunately, only 5 (of 40) students bothered to respond.

Congratulations to Nick Kaiser & Joe Silk for the 2019 Gruber Cosmology Prize, “for their transformational work on cosmological structure formation & dark matter”. I’m honoured to have worked with (and, long ago, been hired by) both of them!

Experiencing black-hole induced ASMR. #EHTBlackHole

Loved Fleabag, of course, though I preferred the family dynamic to the (neither particularly hot nor believable) priest shenanigans, and overall not as much as Catastrophe. (Is that just because I’m an expat American in London with kids rather than a Catholic-seducing Millenial?)

@TheMekons make the world alright, briefly, at the 100 Club, London.

Our dishwasher has stopped working — any London appliance repair recommendations?