Closing all London primarily schools is absolutely the right thing to do (& an expected u-turn from this omnishambolic gov’t) but my own work/research/teaching effectiveness is going to plummet. Apologies to my colleagues/students/collaborators.

Latkes, cooked in Vegetable oil, not schmaltz, but served with applesauce (pink, of course, in honour of my grandmother)

We organised our wedding in two hours to beat tier 4

Call me a curmudgeon, but this shouldn’t be presented as a couple heroically working to save their wedding at the last minute, but rather as selfishly endangering people when they already have the information to know better.

I’ve eaten pork and shellfish my whole life without any guilt, but this feels really transgressive.

Peace & love, everyone. We’re crying with relief and joy.

I assume the CNN US Election Coverage/Octonauts demographic overlap is pretty small, but in our house, when we hear “Key Race Alert” we think “Creature Report” (and hope for a dance break).

“Breaking News: No winner has been called in Presidential election” -CNN