I was out of contact for five days, four of which were holiday or weekend, and it still took me over two hours to deal with all the accumulated emails and messages.

The first IRL-exam I’ve given in three years! Good luck to our great @ImperialPhysics students.

Taking an exam

I am honestly unsure whether the email “Welcome to the ua-internal-reseacrher [sic] Group” is legit. Do any of my @imperialcollege colleagues know?

My grandmother was born in 1911 in Shepetivka, Ukraine, when it was part of the Russian empire. At a time of pogroms against the Jewish population, she fled to the US after WWI, following her father who had made it to New York before the war.

I only just realised that there are two different von Mises.

Things made a lot more sense when I discovered that statistician Richard was different from his brother, free-market-musketeer Ludwig.

(Perhaps I should have written “I was today years old when…” but I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that.)

It is surprisingly difficult to correctly typeset “rock ’n’ roll” nowadays.

How have I only just found out about The Paranoid Style? Thank you for existing, @paranoiacs.

Taking a place in my heart/brain/ears with @wussymusic and @TheMekons.

Etaoin Shrdlu

I’ve succumbed.

Wordle 201 3/6*