The last Brexit vote that had as little legal force as today’s “indicative votes” was the referendum.

“The answer, of course, is not to abandon p-values entirely, but to bear in mind their, and our, limitations.“ — The Guardian (editorial)

It’s rare for a newspaper to have a view on the details of scientific methodology! (But I don’t entirely agree with that view…)

At least someone is taking back control.

Just to be clear: the Labour position is that there are achievable versions of Brexit that are better than staying in the EU?

To the Tories, the problem with the EU is that it represents a “statist juggernaut”; in the rest of Europe, the problem with the EU is that it represents a “capitalist juggernaut”… “Brexit marks the end of Britain’s role as a global superpower”— Fareed Zakaria (CNN).

“If this vote is not passed tonight, if this deal is not passed,” Mrs. May said, “then Brexit could be lost.”

Hope springs eternal.

Congratulations to newly-minted Imperial Astrophysics PhD, Dr Ciarán Conneely! It’s been a pleasure supervising him and learning from and with him about his thesis topic, “Application of Cosmic Microwave Background Techniques to a Gravitational Wave Stochastic Background”.