DIY festive cheer, c. 2021.

(Yes, positive, for both adults in the house.)

Why would anyone prefer “𝚫” over “∇²” for the Laplacian operator?

Was just asked by a funding agency for whom I have written a grant review to change “young researcher” to “early career researcher”. I think this was a good catch and an appropriate request, but still somehow feels weird.

My first in-person @imperialphysics teaching at the front of a lecture theatre in almost two years. Whew.

Lucky to be visiting @Sissaschool in Trieste just in time for a colloquium by newly minted Nobel Physics laureate Giorgio Parisi.

Done with 3+5 hours of @ImperialPhysics tutorials in 1+1 days. Fun, but exhausting.

Today is my first day no longer the head of the @ImperialAstro group after 5.75 years — finally time to rest. Best of luck, and commiserations, to new head @AlanHeavens

I liked Coach Beard’s Scorsese “After Hours” London escapades, but I really loved the Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus pseudonym and “Nightclub Jitters” by the Replacements. #TedLasso

I have now been living, working, teaching, writing, and researching in the UK for twenty years, from just pre-9/11 to post-Brexit and mid-pandemic.

It’s home, though I’d describe myself as a Londoner, rather than British. And I’m still a foreigner (though my kids aren’t).

If you have the right connections, someone will transport xiao long bao across London from Din Tai Fung to a supermarket parking lot for you.