Three hours until my first proper teaching lecture in almost three years.

Obscure macOS Ventura Q:

Is anyone else seeing the cryptic message

The extension does not implement file previews

when attempting to get a quicklook preview of some text files? For me, it happens with *.tex and *.css, among other types.

Update: (Slightly brittle?) fix!

The publishers who extort us for gold #openaccess fees (and the governments & funders who require it) know that we are posting our work on despite any supposed embargo, right?

I have the bad habit of ending conversations with students by asking “does that make sense?”

Only the best students are smart enough to answer “no”.

I voted!

(In San Francisco, by Fax.)

Yes, really, Fax! There are essentially no fax machines anywhere in London, but luckily there are PDF to fax gateways.

Not the most useful place for my voting residence, but happy to vote for democracy where (& while I still) can.

Am I the only one who accidentally hits ”return” instead of the space bar about 30% of the time on the iPhone keyboard (or sometimes it’s “.” or “@“ — whatever is just to the right of the space)? Or do I have an especially clumsy right thumb?

Why do UK newspapers all feature these not particularly well written, not particularly insightful or funny, slice-of-my-life weekend columns? As much as I loathe their ideas and politics, I’d rather read Ross Douthat or David Brooks than (names removed to avoid too much snark).