I assume the correct answer to “Do you want to get recognition for this review on Publons?“ is no? (Especially since it’s owned by the company that calculates the infamous “Impact Factor”…)

It’s hard to believe that the launch of @Planck from ESA’s Kourou Spaceport was 14 years ago. Good luck @ESA_JUICE!

RIP Harry Lorayne, expert at magic & memory. In my sordid youth as an aficionado of magic (Magic Camp!) Lorayne’s sleight-of-hand was my favorite. Best was “Triumph!” involving shuffling cards upside-down & rightside-up & yet pulling order (& the chosen card) out of chaos.

Among the skills I have failed to learn in my 20+ years living in the UK is washing the dishes with one of those little plastic basins sitting in the sink.

macOS question: is there an app which automatically rearranges desktop icons when I switch resolutions and/or displays? (I am aware of SwitchResX but it’s pretty heavyweight for this one use-case.)

I currently have a 2019 15” MacBook Pro, and am upgrading from Intel to M2. Should I move up to 16” or “down” to 14” (which is smaller but still has more pixels than my current model, right?)?

My New Year’s resolution is to finish my book by October. There is also a contract which is somewhat more legally binding. Send encouragement.

Working title: “The Random Universe” — Cosmology. The scientific method. Probability. Epistemology.