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Locked down in London.

Ok, official UK govt advice still seems to be that I should trek across London (via public transport) with my pre-school girls to bring them to their nursery (located @ImperialCollege where I work).


Trump is a narcissistic idiot who only cares about the Fed & how he wasn’t wrong about Google (he was). He makes Pence seem reasonable; Birx, Fauci &c on the US coronavirus team actually seem like experts.

So why isn’t Boris and the UK giving us similar information?

  • Imperial College (my employer)
  • The University & Colleges Union
  • Hertz
  • A yoga studio in New Jersey
  • The Royal Astronomical Society
  • My gym
  • Deliveroo
  • Several politicians in San Francisco, where I lived 20 years ago
  • Cubitts Opticians
  • The Institute of Physics
  • The International Astronomical Union

Just had a wonderful rendezvous with old friend and present-day Bohemist @PeterZusi, made possible by the otherwise unpleasant #USSstrike. We haven’t seen each other since University — only our friends know how long that is (a long time).

Unconscious bias: Walked into the men’s room at the V&A museum. The walls were pink, so I immediately walked back out to check that it was really the Men’s room — even though the first thing I had seen was a row of urinals.