Loved Fleabag, of course, though I preferred the family dynamic to the (neither particularly hot nor believable) priest shenanigans, and overall not as much as Catastrophe. (Is that just because I’m an expat American in London with kids rather than a Catholic-seducing Millenial?)

@TheMekons make the world alright, briefly, at the 100 Club, London.

Our dishwasher has stopped working — any London appliance repair recommendations?


It makes sense that the two leaders, a remain-supporting leaver and a leave-supporting remainer, closer to each other than to their own parties, would eventually work together.

The last Brexit vote that had as little legal force as today’s “indicative votes” was the referendum.

“The answer, of course, is not to abandon p-values entirely, but to bear in mind their, and our, limitations.“ — The Guardian (editorial)

It’s rare for a newspaper to have a view on the details of scientific methodology! (But I don’t entirely agree with that view…)