Today is my first day no longer the head of the @ImperialAstro group after 5.75 years — finally time to rest. Best of luck, and commiserations, to new head @AlanHeavens

I liked Coach Beard’s Scorsese “After Hours” London escapades, but I really loved the Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus pseudonym and “Nightclub Jitters” by the Replacements. #TedLasso

I have now been living, working, teaching, writing, and researching in the UK for twenty years, from just pre-9/11 to post-Brexit and mid-pandemic.

It’s home, though I’d describe myself as a Londoner, rather than British. And I’m still a foreigner (though my kids aren’t).

If you have the right connections, someone will transport xiao long bao across London from Din Tai Fung to a supermarket parking lot for you.

It turns out the end of the rainbow has been in Richmond Park all along.

I get much more nervous when I have to talk about management and admin than science.

RIP George Stranahan, founder and benefactor of the Aspen Center for Physics, and owner of Hunter Thompson’s favourite bar (both of which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times). h/t Will Kinney @WKCosmo.

The local pigeons seem to be addicted to these berries growing on the tree in our garden.

The only even remotely legitimate argument for keeping the filibuster is that we might need it in two years.