A divider, not a uniter

The pundits have been falling over themselves to find “the” explanation for the Democrats’ loss this week. Was it values — “gays, guns, and god”? Was it better organization headed by Karl Rove? Was it not wanting to ditch a wartime [sic] leader? As usual, all of these things are true — no single explanation is enough to encompass over 100 million votes.

But now it’s obvious that the administration, at least, sees so-called values as foremost: According to The New York Times, Bush to Seek Gay-Marriage Ban in Second Term, Top Aide Says: “Karl Rove said today that the president views a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage as essential to a ‘decent’ society.” This is too far from the idea of freedom, of civil rights, too close to bigotry and prejudice.

In his victory speech, Bush paid lip-service to those of us who voted for Kerry: “When we come together and work together, there is no limit to the greatness of America.” That spirit of togetherness didn’t last long. I hope that the good people in all parts of the country, red and blue, will speak up for the freedom in which we have at least occasionally in our history been able to pride ourselves.