Ennui in the UK

There’s a lot to criticize about the US campaign system, and the politics that it supports, but there’s no denying that both Democrats and Republicans knew that something big was at stake in the 2004 elections. Here in the UK, the Tories — thankfully no longer the “natural party of government” — are showing what they really think of the political process with their exciting new campaign slogan: “Value for Money and Lower Taxes”.

To be fair, Labour‘s back-to-the-sixties faux-psychedelia campaign is only marginally better. And in the interests of equal time, the Liberal Democrats show themselves to be serious, if dour — although “The Real Opposition” may not even be a realistic goal. (Some day, I’ll remember to blog about what “liberal” means here and back in the US).

It almost makes me wish for the evil Swift Boat Veterans. And Dan Rather…