More wrongs from the right

From the Wall Street Journal, James Taranto on “Why I’m Rooting for the Religious Right“:

One can disagree with religious conservatives on abortion, gay rights, school prayer, creationism and any number of other issues, and still recognize that they have good reason to feel disfranchised….

In the past three elections, the religious right has helped to elect a conservative Republican president and a bigger, and increasingly conservative, Republican Senate majority.

I don’t think Taranto understands the meaning of the word “disfranchised“.

In a companion piece, Christopher Hitchens talks about “Why I’m Rooting Against the Religious Right“: Quoting the New Testament, he points out “that the Eleventh Commandment is not ‘Thou shalt speak no ill of fellow Republicans,’ but is, rather, a demand for the most extreme kind of leveling and redistribution.” As Ed Cone says, “as usual, I find Hitchens funny and smart when he agrees with me.”

Meanwhile, NPR reports on the latest skirmish in the right’s war on evolution and their attempts to promulgate lies and force religion on the rest of us.