Weekend notes: Live 8

Live 8: Normally I would be cynical, or at least pessimistic of the prospect of change, but then Geldof, after showing a film of the poverty-stricken children of Ethiopia in the 80s, brought out one of the starving infants we had just seen, Birhan Woldu, grown up into a beautiful, healthy and well-educated twenty-four-year-old. My cynicism washed away, replaced, I admit, by more than a trickle of tears.

Of course, for the cynicism to stay away, those G8 leaders, supposedly the target of the concert and the campaign, need to make some tough decisions, about aid, relief, trade and more. More importantly, we all need to be willing — and let those leaders know we are willing — to sacrifice some of our riches: yes, even though this means higher taxes; yes, no more subsidies for our own farmers; yes, we must learn to make the world a place all of us billions can share.

(Also, hats off to Lee for his non-stop blogging stream from Hyde Park…)

Finally, go have a barbecue and listen to Van Morrison’s “Almost Indepdendence Day” (or, if you’re in the UK like me, go to work).