New bottle (or, “Free” as in “Free Wine”)

Thanks to the fine blog-reading folks at Orbital Wines, the owners of Stormhoek Wine in South Africa, the sad story of my missing wine was noticed — and the bottle has been replaced! (Alas, without a cool personalized label, but I think I deserve some penalty for my forgetfulness.) I look forward to imbibing this fine bottle of Sauvignon Blanc as soon as I’m back from my next road trip… If it lives up to the comparisons with Cloudy Bay, (famous for its vegetal scent, shading almost to the infamous “pipi du chat”) it should be very nice indeed.

They’ve also offered me more free wine in recompense for some lectures on astrophysics. Lush that I am, I’m likely to accept… Come to think of it, I can invite them to a meeting I’m helping organize in Durban, South Africa, next year. Hmmmm….

Update: I’m a case study for Hugh’s attempts at wine marketing. Remember, markets are conversations (or, drunken parties in this case?).