Ever Fallen in Love with Someone?

Don’t worry, I’m not getting all personal on you. Rather, this month marks the sad anniversary of the death of John Peel. In his honor, a scary all-star cavalcade has recorded a version of one of his favorite songs: the Buzzcocks’ “Ever Fallen in Love?” — Robert Plant (ok), Roger Daltrey (hmmm), Elton John (!!!!), a lineup apparently OK’ed by Peel’s son, which at least also includes the Buzzcocks’ own Pete Shelley, who wrote the song, and a smattering of younger artists like the Datsuns. The single will be played simultaneously across the BBC radio stations on October 10; October 13 will be heretofore known as John Peel Day; and the single will actually be released on November 21 (proceeds go to Amnesty International, so donate directly if the geriatric lineup makes you gag).

Update: OK, the single’s not too bad; at least it’s loud, and it’s fast. Not as good as the original, nor the Fine Young Cannibal’s pop-candy version, nor the buzzsaw guitars of unknown mid-80s Connecticut rockers Bleached Black’s version. But it’s still a great song, hard to ruin. You can listen to it on the BBC’s web site for the next week or so (almost exactly 1 hour and 12 minutes in).