“How did you know I was a new yorker?”

I spent the weekend in Oxford celebrating a friend’s landmark birthday, running around the town’s lovely Port Meadow and talking about the topology of the Universe.

I planned to take the Oxford Tube bus service back to London.

“excuse me, did you know we weren’t stopping when we all got on the bus? Why didn’t you tell us?”

To which he responded that I clearly shouldn’t have expected him to make the effort to actually tell everyone when we got on. I dsd this was exactly wrong and asked, loudly, whether there was anyone on the bus aside from the driver who disagreed with me. No one did…. Realizing

Wouldve taken the bloody train (yes I did say “bloody”).

But the best part was when the traveller in the seat next to me commented that only a New Yorker like me would do something like this. “how did you know I was a new yorker?” “I could tell”.