Science, Blogs, Web II: iPhone ArXiv

But not all the news on ScienceBlogs is bad: Dave Bacon reports that there is now access to the arXivvia the iPhone: has a very iPhone-ish interface, with easy access to the whole arXiv. (The arXiv is a freely-available repository of preprints and papers in astrophysics and many other scientific disciplines.) I wouldn’t want to read too many papers on my phone, but it’s great for keeping up with the day’s titles and abstracts.

Speaking of the iPhone, I have, however, realized that I have become an unreconstructed Apple fanboy: I now own (or control through a grant — one of the perqs of academia) a Mac Pro, a MacBook Pro, an old-fashioned iPod shuffle, an iPhone, and an Apple TV (and several keyboards and mice, a wifi AirPort Express, and a Time Capsule). Oh, and there’s the 1985-vintage original Mac, a Mac SE and a PowerBook 165c, all of which have disappeared, and a PowerBook G4, and third-generation 40GB iPod sitting in a drawer. It would be even worse but for the five-year Linux interregnum while Apple was going to seed.