Beyond Entropy

I’m in Geneva for a few days as part of a project called “Beyond Entropy: When Entropy Becomes Form“, sponsored by the Architectural Association back in London, the brainchild of Stefano Rabolli Pansera and others at the AA. It brings together eight trios of architects, artists and scientists to produce works to be shown at the Venice Architecture Biennale later this year, and possibly the better-known Art Biennale in 2011. But beyond that broad outline, none of us know much about what we will be producing; that is the purpose of this very first gathering. I admit I am not quite sure why we are here in Geneva, visiting CERN, other than the fact that it is a cool place to talk about art, science and architecture (which is good enough for me).

Imperial is happily over-represented in the scientist column, with about half of the scientists, but otherwise, it’s a broadly-spread bunch, from all over the UK and Western Europe. One of the other scientists is my mate and fellow cosmologist-blogger Peter Coles, who has already beaten me to the blogging punch.