Future Science Bloggers Wanted

Attention Imperial Postgraduates*: I’ll be helping lead a course in Science Blogging this Friday, 6 July 2012 at Imperial, along with a couple of fellow (science) bloggers: biophysicist Professor Stephen Curry and biostatistician (and actual graduate student!) Erika Cule, both of whom write at Occam’s Typewriter, an excellent grassroots network of scientist bloggers.

Imperial students should still be able to sign up — if you’re taking the course (or even if you’re not), leave a comment if you’ve got any ideas for what we should discuss.

*Language note: In the US, anyone with a university degree is called a “college graduate” and a student pursuing a Masters’ or Doctoral degree is called a “graduate student”; here in the UK, they are just plain “graduates” and “postgraduates”, respectively. (And I won’t even discuss the inconsistent use of “college” here in the UK, which also encompasses advanced high schools.)