Intellectual Property redux

In her comment on this post, Gia asks

I’ve got a domain name all ready to go, but I’m not sure my server at the University of Manc is the right place to host it… What is the deal at Imperial regarding ‘personal’ things on their servers…? At what point could your blog become an issue?

I don’t do illegal things with my blog… but I aften enjoy a spot of Christian-bating… Which surely must be a required practice in any physics department… 🙂

As I briefly mentioned before, I’ve decided (like Gia) to license my words under the Creative Commons, (and I don’t think I’m doing anything illegal, either, but I’ve happily baited some of the, um, crackpot voices in the so-called culture, with no real response). We do have a standard disclaimer, but I suppose I’d rather have more direct control of — and responsibility for — what I say.

So, on that note: can anyone recommend a good hosting solution? A good company for domain name registration?


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  1. Rachel avatar

    I use these guys:
    Been with them for about the last 9 months and had no problems yet; offer good service. They do domain registration as well