Cosmic Variance: New blog on the block

Let me welcome to the scientific blogosphere Cosmic Variance, a new group blog featuring Clifford Johnson, a string theorist from USC; JoAnne Hewett, a particle theorist from SLAC at Stanford; Risa Wechsler & Sean Carroll, both cosmologists from the University of Chicago; and Mark Trodden from Syracuse University. Mark and Sean have already been blogging for “a while” (which means more than a few months) but they’re all excellent and engaging physicists, and the new blog promises to reflect their excitement.

Thanks, especially, for linking to me and multiplying my traffic by a factor of a few! (And to all my new readers — leave some comments and let me know what you think.)



One response to “Cosmic Variance: New blog on the block”

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    Not enough physics here for my taste.