Big Academia is Watching Me

Next week, I need to account for my time down to about 15 minutes, as part of Imperial’s TOAST (The Original Academic Staff Time) Survey. This will let the College figure out exactly how we (collectively and anonymously, or so we’re told) spend our time. Which, I presume, lets them figure out how to best get money from the government, and allocate it internally. Last time, one of my colleagues included his bathroom visits, but I think they are trying to avoid such fine-grained reporting this round.

Maybe I’ll post my results.

Also, we’ve got a new dress code “in the light of security concerns raised by the terrorist incidents which had occurred over the Summer”: ID Cards must be visible at all times (sort of a test run for the government?); and “Clothing that obscures an individual’s face is not allowed on any of the College’s campuses” — no hoodies, no veils.