By now both of my loyal readers will have noted the subtle addition of a teeny-tiny box over on the right-hand side, courtesy of Google. Yes, folks, advertising. More of an experiment than a money-making scheme for sure, but do feel encouraged to click your way over to the advertisers’ sites.

I do note that in addition to the respectable advertisements (such as for the MathType typesetting package, and various physics journals), there are a couple of, er…, borderline-crackpot self-published monographs for whose intellectual merit I cannot vouch. Actually, Google has a way of dealing with this case through their Competitive Ad Filter, but until the full-on crackpot creationists (or, say, Republicans) decide to start advertising, I’m happy to stick my toe into the free-market waters and just remind you: caveat emptor.

One response to “Shameless”

  1. Joe avatar

    The blog of the Guardian’s bad science column ( ) used to have a great time with adverts when he had them. He’d write a whole article about how stupid magnetic bracelets were and then google would pop up a load of adverts for them.