Political Commandments

Ronald Reagan often talked about the Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican” (attributed to California Republican party chairman Gaylord Parkinson during the 1964 California Gubernatorial election). It certainly served Reagan well (for ill rather than good, despite his bizarre posthumous revalorization).

The Labour Party could learn a thing or two. I hope they all agree that any Labour leader is better than the Tories.

2 responses to “Political Commandments”

  1. Dave avatar

    Frankly I’d rather have a weak conservative government than have new labour push through the nightmarish database state they seem to think will solve everything.

  2. Kieran avatar

    As far as I can tell, Cameron is essentially a photocopy of a young Tony Blair, with less definition. Nevertheless some things never change – for evidence of dark matter look no further than the heart of the Tory party. I think I prefer the competent conman to the proven failure.