Not Cuil

There’s a new Google-competing search engine called Cuil (which I guess is meant to be pronounced as slacker-speak “kewl” or something). If I search for myself on it, my Imperial homepage comes up first, but for some reason accompanied by this picture. I promise that’s not me. Just as strange, a picture that is of me comes up next to a blurb for a book written by another Andrew Jaffe who happens to be the director of the Clio Awards for advertising (there are a few of us Andrew Jaffes out there, but I’m egotistically happy to tell you that I’m top in most search engines). But I’m happiest about the cover shot from Muscle Magazine (not me either).

2 responses to “Not Cuil”

  1. Ned Wright avatar

    I searched for cosmology and got:
    We didn’t find any results for “cosmology”

  2. Andrew avatar

    Hmmm, when I try I get the WMAP Universe 101 page!