Bad Editing

The Astrophysical Journal has recently shifted publishers from the University of Chicago Press to the Institute of Physics. There seems to have been very little fuss in the process, but I was amused to notice this Erratum for the article “A Search for Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies on Arcminute Scales With Bolocam”:

As a result of an error at the Publisher, the term “frequentist” was erroneously changed to “most frequent” throughout the article. IOP Publishing sincerely regrets this error.

(Thanks to Daniel M. for the pointer.)

6 responses to “Bad Editing”

  1. Joe Z avatar
    Joe Z

    Also the title on the webpage (though not the paper) still refers to “acrminute cmb anisotropies”. Not a good start.

  2. Sam Leach avatar
    Sam Leach

    Amusing. It seems like one overzealous copy editor has also endowed their power spectrum estimates with ‘flat-band powers’ instead of ‘flat bandpowers’.

  3. Ben Lillie avatar

    This is clearly just the first stage of a clever plan by the Bayesian’s to discredit their enemies.

  4. Andrew avatar

    Well, that one’s arguable: really it is the band that’s flat, not the bandpower!

  5. Jenny avatar

    Hey, came accross your name by google. My father (Walter Jaffe) is an astrophysicist in Leiden…have your paths crossed?

  6. Andrew avatar

    Hi Jenny, In fact I know of your father, but I’m not sure that we’ve every actually met. I’m meant to attend a meeting in Holland later this month, so perhaps I’ll meet him then!