Expat playlist

I am in England for Independence Day this year, having just spent last weekend back in the USA. Here’s a taste of the view from my ancestral (i.e., my parents’) home:

NYC Skyline

So I’ll eat a burger in celebration, and listen to some appropriately-themed music from my playlist (in order of release):

Although there are mentions of the great American traditions of democracy, fireworks, and hot dogs, these songs dwell rather more on heartbreak and loss. Any other suggestions?


3 responses to “Expat playlist”

  1. Marc Weidenbaum avatar

    I’ve always been more of a Phil Alvin guy than a Dave Alvin guy, but man does X do a splendid version of his song.
    I can’t think of another good one at the moment for your playlist. Happy 4th!

  2. Julian avatar

    Happy 4th!
    Being expat-ed the other way round, Heather and I celebrated co-dependence day here by bringing each other beer at every possible (and some impossible) opportunity.

  3. Alfred Stan avatar

    Wow. Now that is the spirit of Independence Day right there. Please let me copy you’re playlist of songs. I know that it is already a bit too late but this will make a great list for an Independence Day party or something. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Next year’s Independence Day would be a blast with this music. You may want to add On the Fourth of July by James Taylor in your list as well.