It’s been a while

If you’re reading this, then you might realise that I haven’t posted anything substantive here since 2018, commemorating the near-end of the Planck collaboration. In fact it took us well into the covid pandemic before the last of the official Planck papers were published, and further improved analyses of our data continues, alongside the use of the results as the closest thing we have to a standard cosmological model, despite ongoing worries about tensions between data from Planck and other measurements of the cosmological parameters.

As the years have passed, it has felt more and more difficult to add to this blog, but I recently decided to move to a new host and blogging software (cheaper and better than my previous setup, which nonetheless served me well for almost two decades until I received a message from my old hosting company that the site was being used as part of a bot-net…).

So, I’m back. Topics for the near future might include:

  • The book (the first draft of which) I have just finished writing;
  • Meralgia paraesthetica;
  • My upcoming sabbatical (Japan, New York, Leiden);
  • Cosmology with the Simons Observatory, Euclid, LISA, and other coming missions;
  • Monte Carlo sampling;
  • The topology of the Universe;
  • Parenthood;
  • rock ‘n’ roll; and (unfortunately but unavoidably)
  • the dysfunctional politics of my adopted home in the UK and the even more dysfunctional politics of my native USA (where, because of the aforementioned sabbatical, I will probably be when the next president takes office in 2025).

One response to “It’s been a while”

  1. Marc Weidenbaum avatar

    Glad you’re back at it! Congrats on the book draft. Try to sneak some California time into that sabbatical.