The Guardian’s Unintelligent Design

I was enjoying the new, redesigned Guardian newspaper today, until I came to the end of the new G2 features section, and an offensive interview with chief Intelligent Design crackpot Michael Behe, under the inappropriate banner, “Ideas”. Offensive because interviewer John Sutherland doesn’t call Behe on any of his flagrant misstatements (I hesitate to call them lies since that implies that Behe is smart enough to know he’s wrong, and anyway I do give him the benefit of the doubt on his misguided sincerity); offensive because he lets Behe twist Richard Dawkins’s own words against evolution; offensive because he lets Behe claim that intelligent design isn’t about religion; and offensive because he encourages Behe to compare himself to — wait for it — Galileo. This isn’t impartial journalism; it’s peddling snake oil.

Update: and see Pharyngula for his usual detailed dissection of Behe’s crackpot ideas.