Science and Parliament (UK)

Andrew Jaffe & Anne Snelgrove MP
Sorry I’ve been so quiet this week: I’ve just finished participating in the Royal Society’s MP-Scientist Pairing Scheme. They’ve linked 25 youngish scientists from throughout the UK with a member of Parliament, and let us “shadow” them for much of this week (as well as giving us presentations on the way science and scientists interact with the UK Parliamentary system): attending meetings, watching debates, going to the bar*, generally absorbing the chaos that goes along with politics and government. My MP was Anne Snelgrove, a Labour MP from Swindon, newly elected this year. More later, once I can digest it all, but first let me just say thanks to Anne and Dan and Eric on her staff for everything this week.

*Yes, “bar” as in a place with drinks. In particular, “The Strangers’ Bar” which guests (known as “strangers”) can visit.

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