“Fish & Reptiles — Fins & Fangs” in Yucca Valley, CA. Pet shop or restaurant?

Drove through Boron, CA, last week: world capital of Borax, and I guess one of the few towns named after an element of the periodic table other than gold or silver.

Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National Park. Not the view I was expecting to post.

I am currently in the midst of 6 weeks of shared parental leave (yes, one of the positive things about UK higher-ed employment). But if I weren’t, I would be participating in the coming @ucu strike over the decimation of our pension. #UCUstrike #USSstrike

Watching a high-speed chase on local LA news (about 20 minutes and counting) feels simultaneously creepy, inappropriate, and strangely compelling.

Surprisingly difficult to find halloumi in California — it seems to be a specialty item here (you can get it at the corner store in London).

In the second week of my visit to the @ucsdcosmology group, enjoying the science (and unseasonably warm temperatures) with @DrBrianKeating and other theorists, observers, experimentalists and visitors