The local pigeons seem to be addicted to these berries growing on the tree in our garden.

The only even remotely legitimate argument for keeping the filibuster is that we might need it in two years.

Every time I listen to, say, “Here Comes The Sun”, or “Something”, I think how maddening it must have been for George Harrison to know that he was only the third best songwriter in the Beatles.

Unpacking my library, 16 months after moving in.

Bonus points if you can recognise any books.


Took advantage of the first truly beautiful Spring day to wander down to Canbury Gardens for lunch — and found them filming #TedLasso (one of our favorites, and not just because they make it in the neighborhood).

I admit I’ve mostly been trashing the emails from the Democratic National Committee — but the one from Bowzer, I read.

To slightly misappropriate an excellent phrase from politics here in the UK, McConnell’s appalling, unsurprising and self-serving near-simultaneous acquittal and condemnation of Trump is the purest example of cakeism — and it will probably work.

RIP Arianna Rosenbluth, the programmer of the first implementation of the Metropolis algorithm, the forerunner to and basis of now-ubquitous Monte-Carlo simulation algorithms (a history the details of which I didn’t know). H/T Andrew Gelman @statmodeling.

Hey, parents: I was surprised that “er”, “ar”, “or”, &c are so-called digraphs here in the UK. With my American accent, those seem like they ought to be two separate sounds. Here, there isn’t an explicit “r” sound at the end. Or have I been speaking wrong forever?