To slightly misappropriate an excellent phrase from politics here in the UK, McConnell’s appalling, unsurprising and self-serving near-simultaneous acquittal and condemnation of Trump is the purest example of cakeism — and it will probably work.

RIP Arianna Rosenbluth, the programmer of the first implementation of the Metropolis algorithm, the forerunner to and basis of now-ubquitous Monte-Carlo simulation algorithms (a history the details of which I didn’t know). H/T Andrew Gelman @statmodeling.

Hey, parents: I was surprised that “er”, “ar”, “or”, &c are so-called digraphs here in the UK. With my American accent, those seem like they ought to be two separate sounds. Here, there isn’t an explicit “r” sound at the end. Or have I been speaking wrong forever?

Snow in London

Ahhhh. From carnage to unity and soul.

Of course we’ll accept McConnell’s support, but let’s not mistake political expediency for even an iota of principle.

Maybe John King on CNN calling them “knuckleheads” is all the respect they deserve.

Shame on Trump and his enablers. Shame on Cruz and Hawley. Shame on the house Republicans. Shame on the mob at the capitol. I feel little but shame, myself, that we’ve let this happen, despite our history, and our victories in November and today.

Closing all London primarily schools is absolutely the right thing to do (& an expected u-turn from this omnishambolic gov’t) but my own work/research/teaching effectiveness is going to plummet. Apologies to my colleagues/students/collaborators.