I never understood why you might want the title in the header of every page until our two-year old starting tearing up the books.


"There is concern that there should only be one public message about the science. But there isn’t such a thing as ‘the science’. There are lots of different sciences.”

Keep quiet on two-metre rule, Sage experts told

This Wednesday, we @ImperialAstro will cancel our regular (virtual) seminar to support #ShutDownSTEM and #Strike4BlackLives, instead holding a discussion of issues of race and anti-black racism in astrophysics, science, academia — and the wider world.

I’m also happy to report that @ImperialPhysics has postponed its monthly staff meeting in further support and solidarity.

‪After a day by the beautiful Thames, overcrowded & difficult to social-distance, flabbergasted that the UK govt isn’t pushing masks much more strongly (yes, mostly for others, not the wearer). Mayor @SadiqKhan is there an opportunity for you to step up, for London at least?‬