It’s an honor after all these years to be able to support @rxgau — I just subscribed to Christgau’s And It Don’t Stop (the best use of Apple Pay so far…)

Bus-stop ad in Lambeth, London, the most pro-remain constituency in the UK. Do you think HSBC is pushing this ad campaign in Brexit-supporting areas?

Old stuff, new view, a little chaos.

Moving day. 😬

Anyone out there having trouble getting macOS mail to fetch Exchange email? I need to “Rebuild” the mailbox to see any new mail! Behaviour started suddenly two days ago. iOS mail, outlook web, and outlook on mac all work. (Catalina on a 15” 2019 MacBook Pro and and 2014 iMac.)

Holiday buns, from scratch (not iced yet).

I have been hearing equally strong arguments that Labour lost because it backed Remain too strongly, and not strongly enough.