Of the 5 (of ~100 who took the exam) students to give “free text comments” on our astrophysics course this year, one was very positive, two were equivocal, one complained about our email response times, and one was “delete this module”.

There is a scary & common misconception in physics that students work better if… supervisors & … senior group members pressure them with negative, condescending language.

Physics World, July ‘22. Print only?

WTF. Does anyone really believe this?

I ordered a Mac Studio Display through an Apple Educational reseller in the UK around 1 April. It hasn’t arrived yet. Has anyone had any similar (or otherwise) experience of such lengthy delays (~16 weeks)?

If the ROI from programs like this is so good for businesses, why not make them pay for it themselves instead of funnelling so much money to private industry (and let government invest in more blue-skies research instead)?

Yes, I know, I am biased, and it’s not zero-sum.

Two minutes to curtain up at Jerusalem with Mark Rylance at the Apollo Theatre.

Off to my first in-person scientific meeting in 2 1/2 years — and my first flight without my family in about 7 years. @SimonsObs here I come!

Sunday focaccia project.